Saturday, November 08, 2014

Free and Coming Soon

Hey y'all! It's been ages since I chattered on here. I've been on a little writing siesta, but that doesn't mean grass has been growing under my feet. I have a new very short read coming out in the Den of Sin this month.

When your greatest enemy becomes your best lover…
 Zora Riley’s intentions were to discover the scandalous story her rival dug up on The Beaudelaire. If the whispers were true then a five-star hotel in New Orleans transformed into a Den of Sin. Just the name of one famous attendant could make the rest of her career, and if Alastair planned to report the story first then she had to be the one to scoop him. It was only fair since he’d been taking her stories for the last six months. But when a heated argument with Alastair turns into a toe-curling interlude, she’s shaken to her core.
Alastair Halliday left Great Britain to make a name for himself in America, but he didn’t come to the Den for a story. Working for years in a dog-eat-dog environment, with insane hours, has left him needing something a little less refined and ambitious…something that will feed his kink. The Den’s winter masquerade ball will allow him to be anyone, someone whose work won’t get in the way of something simple and primal. That is until he kisses Zora, his most tempting rival.
When the weekend is over and the masks come off, will they go back to being enemies or will they stay lovers?
*This title will be out on the 18th.
But while you wait you can pick up most of the Den of Sin titles half off, if not more. Like Forbidden Rendezvous. Which is currently free at these retailers:

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