Friday, June 20, 2014

Debauching The Virgin

My new book is live! It's part of the Den of Sin series.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Amelia Washington is a successful matchmaker to the rich with two failed engagements under her belt.

Amelia hasn’t had a man in her bed since she called a personal moratorium on relationships, and she’s been itching for a mattress tussle. She accepts an offer from The Den's kink orchestrator to pick a sexual companion for a week. Her temporary lover has a quick wit, lust for adventure and pure sexual magnetism. He’s perfect for a short, hot affair that leaves emotions out of the equation. He’s also willing to let her teach him how to please a woman. She’s bossy, high-handed and a bit uptight. How can she refuse?

Dwayne Blackstone is twenty-seven-year-old virgin.

He’s spent most of his adult life isolated, flying search and rescue missions as a bush pilot. When he has a brush with death, he’s determined to finally live his life to the fullest. The first step is definitely to lose his virginity. He wants Amelia to show him the art of seduction. She knows what she wants, and he’s a quick study. It’s not long before the student surpasses the teacher, and the simple but intimate experience turns into more than learning what makes Amelia moan.

The week they agreed to be lovers simply isn’t enough.


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