Friday, July 26, 2013

The Chapter: Behind the Scenes

I've thought of a million things I could tell you about The One I Want. It's a failed Harlequin. All my books prior to this one came from characters, a piece of dialogue, a bigger picture I wanted to write. And, honestly, that's hard as hell to submit. (Yes, I wrote this book when I was still actively submitting to publishers.) This process of writing is pretty much looking at the book you wrote and trying to find the square peg it could possibly fit into, instead of the other way around. So, I came up with a friends-to-lovers story that could find a home with Harlequin, or anyone for that matter.

That's not enough for a blog post. So, I figured I'd talk about Alpha males and how I prefer Betas. Still, I ended up with about a paragraph of blog. And, really, my writing preference wouldn't tell you much about this story. It wouldn't give you a behind the scenes look.

So, I'm going to talk about The Chapter. The one I pretty much have in every book that's my favorite chapter. I could read that sucker out of context and still sigh or giggle or go Oooooooooh or restore my faith that I can write myself out of a brown paper bag.

In this book it's chapter six. During revisions, edits and proofing I could not wait until I got to this chapter. It's the chapter the characters kiss for the first time. Well, the first time they both remember, but that's a long story. Go with it. It's written from the Micah's POV. He's reached his breaking point when it comes to not touching Farrah like he wants to. It's the chapter I've pretty much nicknamed Shit Gets Real. Up until that point they are friends transitioning to lovers, but this chapter cleanly severs any doubt that they should be way more than friends.

I do not encourage skipping because you need all the book, but, uh, yeah, I won't be mad if you just skip to chapter six. (Psst. All the really dirty parts happen in chapter 10 and 13.)  

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