Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Used To Blog

Recently I was reminded how I used to blog. When I started writing I used to hate the blogs that were only about the latest releases or contests. (Looks around my own blog now. Yeah.) I didn't know then I was searching for a connection. I wanted to find those wonderful blogs that it seemed like folks peeled back their humanity. Now, I'm not talking soul-deep blog posts, but the kind where you walked away knowing a complete stranger a little better. The rants were the best because people really forget to keep all the filters in place when they're pissed. So, I used to blog like that all the time. One of my most popular blog posts was a tongue-in-cheek confession about my addiction to the Internet.

So, what happened?

I blogged for five years and felt like there was nothing for me to say anymore. Then I got really busy and didn't have the time for retrospective type post that could sort of inspire. Then Oprah went off the air and that screwed up my touchstone. Seriously, watching Oprah reminded me to stop for a moment and look within. I know, sounds so touchy-feely but that's who I am and that's how I refill my well. I take stock of myself to see where I stand. Usually when something huge hits me between the eyes and throws me off balance.

As fate would have it...lol So, I'm taking stock at the moment. I'm looking at the goals I made for this year and it's not that I can't reach them. I'm pretty ambitious when I want to be. It's that reaching them isn't going to put me in a space that I need to be at the moment. My goals are counter-productive to where I want to be in my writing career. Who would have thought that's even possible? Goals are bad. Lol

What am I doing instead of reaching my goals? I'm listening to music, writing emo blog posts and watching lots and lots of tv/movies. Believe it or not, this is work. Can't put my heart and soul into something if my heart and soul is on empty. Took me years to recognize and accept that. So, I'm off to do more navel gazing.

Will be back later in fine form and probably with something to sell. Oh, or I just might talk about how the wait will be long for Double Trouble.


Aimee Duffy said...

The wait better not be too long for Double Trouble *cracks whip*.

Sorry your soul's empty hon. Hope a few episodes of Revenge fills it back up ;)

Melissa Blue said...

I'm really just scrapping the bottom of the barrel at the moment. So, I've got to take some time to refill it. Everything I write at the moment feels sort of lifeless at the moment. Could be good, but I can't tell.

And, Double Trouble may not be out for another six months. I'm going to get hate mail. lol

Aimee Duffy said...

Six months?!!?!??!

*Hate Mail*

Dear Melissa Blue,

How F@~king dare you do this to us [insert ranty gibberish].

Yours X-fan.

Melissa Blue said...

lmao. Your insanity is charming.

Holley Trent said...

I'm on blog burn-out. Been at this since *counts on fingers* 2004. I really have nothing to say that anyone wants to hear. I offer all my unsolicited ridiculousness via Facebook and Twitter, so it's not like anyone's missing me.

Melissa Blue said...

lol I'm surprised you lasted that long. FB and Twitter is perfect for burn out.