Friday, April 05, 2013

I Did It On Purpose

Before I put a book out I am very aware of what will turn some folks off. Now, Double Dare...sigh. I was on Southern Fried Chicas and we were talking about the romances we weren't fans of and another commenter mentioned how she hated the girlfriend romances. You know, the ones where it seems like it's really a love story between the X amount of friends. I totally commiserated because I've read those books before.

Soon after, guess what plot bunny came hopping along in my mind? A series with three best friends. Mind you, at this point in time I didn't write connected books. Lynne was a fluke, but Lynne is the kind of character that doesn't sit around quietly. I didn't want to write these books, but then Emma, Abigail and Sasha got to chattering in my head. I'm not exaggerating the chatter part. I figured if I ignored them they'd eventually fade and I could write a book that didn't have trouble written all over it from the get-go.

Weeks later they were still talking and driving me half insane so I decided to go with Emma's story first. She seemed sweet, uncomplicated and wouldn't it be funny if she's doing a naked dare? Boom, right out of the gate I'd have her meet the hero. And I always wanted to write a pastry baker. Even had a story sitting around my harddrive, that never worked, that would be a perfect starting point.

And then I started to write it and ten pages later Emma, Sasha and Abigail were still talking. I kid you not. Even the folks who ended up with those first drafts had to suffer through six pages of chatter. Nothing broken up with narration, but six pages of dialogue.

So, needless to say Double Dare has the most chatter of the three friends. Yes, it's absolutely a romance between Tobias and Emma. I play on the fact that in any given scene with the three woman together Emma's the normal one who could easily be the wallflower. I made sure whenever the three woman are together and Tobias is there, all he can see is Emma. And in a much more profound way all she can see is him. Her friends fade to the background.

Yes, I did that on purpose. I made her friends a huge part of her world. Really, out of the three books this is the most stage time all three woman have on the page. Because the thing is Emma is all about family. Not by blood but the one she chose. She's the one they all turn to. She may not be the loudest, the most extravagant, the sexiest or the most obscene. She's the quiet one, that you should totally look out for by the way. And Tobias needed a family.

This may drive folks nuts. This may make them go, Emma who? when all three are together doing their usual shenanigans, but I promise you when it's just her and Tobias...well, you know it's them in their own world.

So if you hate this kind of romance steer clear. No, seriously, the chatter may drive you nuts. You may fall in love with Sasha or Abigail first and rather have their stories. They have that kind of flair. Their books will come out so you'll just have to wait. Just know Emma is the foundation of this world. That kind of person is quiet, unassuming, interesting once you really get to know them. And I totally did that on purpose.


saw said...

I just finished reading Double Dare and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I came back to the website to comment and saw this April 5th post. I'm so glad I DIDNT read this blog post because it would have scared me away from the book, and I loved the chattering girls. I mean seriously loved them squabbling and going at it. AND I say that to say Im the type who would say that I would HATE to read a book that focused on the girlfriends. With that said, I praise you for the snappy, quippy, engaging, thoroughly hilarious dialogue. My husband asked me "what are you smiling about" and I had no idea I was grinning at the book. It drew me in and didn't drop me at any point. Alot of people like drama, I love HEA's and love and laughter. Tobias and even Josh were (and I'm hoping we get a grown up Josh book down the line) intriguing, with their nonverbal communicating ways.

Allright I'm rabbling. Point is. Loved the book. And don't post a blog telling folks that they may not like the book because they may take your advice and miss out on a WONDERFUL READ.

Good work. Keep it up and I'm about to go on Amazon and purchase everything you've written.

You're new fan.

Melissa Blue said...

lmao. This post made me so happy. lol And in my defense, I wanted to give a fair warning, because they do talk a crapton in this book. It's a marathon of dialogue and I really wanted to find readers who'd love that.

I'm happy to find that a lot of people who would normally hate it, have loved it in this book. They've connected with the cast of thousands and the romance.

So, in short THANK YOU! I promise to tell folks to not warn folks away. Or, if I do it'll totally be tongue-in-cheek.