Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something for the Readers: More Down With Cupid Shorts or Shortish

Sometime around April or May I decided to put up a longterm free read. As I'm sure you've seen, at least on Smashwords and ARe, I've had some titles for free a time or two. I'd write a cute little short. 7,000 words tops. It'd be out in no time and that would cushion the months between when I'd write Tony's story and the release of that book.

The short turned out to be much more longer than I hoped. At the moment, it tops around 17k. So, I decided, ok, that'll be a real release. (Tony's story got put on ice when my laptop ended up stolen and I lost 13k of that novella.) I'll be smart and write a prequel and make that free.

The plot to the novella is that they spent a weekend together and never planned to see each other again. But voila, they work in the same business. (PR) Nicole Harrison's boss sees a chance to bring someone onto the job who is savvy and shark-like and bam Sebastian Clark is hired. What do you do when your weekend lover becomes a full-time problem? So, I'd write in full about the weekend. It'd be 3k tops.

It's currently 7300 words and I have at least one more scene to write. *headdesk* I do this for you, guys. Really, I do. And, because these two characters won't shut up.

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