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Dirty Scot Starter Kit

Either some of you have never heard of me or you've just finished reading TO ONE HUNDRED. (Or, bless you, you know my dirty Scots all too well.) The purpose of this missive is to prepare you for Feb. 11th. SCOT APPEAL will be released and there will be a sudden surge on your social media about Scotsmen, kilts, dick jokes, random trivia about Scotland and none of it will likely have anything to do with Outlander. I can only apologize about the last part, because Jaime...UNF.

So, let's do a mini-recap. (And by mini I mean the write-ups will be shorter than the books.) These books are much lighter in tone, a shade less angsty and emo, but overall fun, sexy reads.

* TLDR: UNDER HIS KILT is free if you need to catch up. SCOT APPEAL will be out Feb. 11th. (Buy links for the entire series here.

UNDER HIS KILT: Ian Baird is the hero. Born and raised in Scotland but now resides in America (California at the opening of the book) as a curating consultant. (Say that five times fast.) He knows his way around dry wit, and better yet, women. Because of that he has rules about the kind of women he'll sleep with. No one inexperienced and definitely no one he's working with. Of course that means his heroine is Jocelyn, a curator he has to work with. Her thirtieth birthday is right there on the horizon. She has lived a life that is all about work, rarely any play. She convinces Ian to teach her how to play, even if it involves anal. Yes, I typed that with a straight face. (JUST GO WITH IT. I PROMISE IT PAYS OFF.) There's a dog, angst, a big miscommunication and some backstory involving mums. Not mothers because hey Scot.

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HER INSATIABLE SCOT: Tristan Baird is the hero, Ian's older brother. Scotland is his home until his brother calls in a favor. See, Tristan used to be a con man. He's turned legit and now works as a carpenter—repenting for past sins and doing his best to be honest. His brother wants him to get him a house and that involves a little white lie. I'm-an-married-man lie. I-can-pass-off-as-my-brother lie. Since he can't do this small con alone, Keri will be his partner in crime. Keri...a little science geeky, a lottle (Yes. I'm a writer. I can make up words) sexually insecure and honest because she can't lie to save her life. (JUST GO WITH THIS PLOT. I PROMISE IT PAYS OFF.) There's almost a step-by-step guide on how to con someone, sexual facts like how many nerve-endings reside in a c...never mind. Just read the book.

KILTED FOR PLEASURE: Callan Baird is a grouchy jackass aka the wounded hero of the series. His wife died, and unlike the other Bairds he's not afraid to love. He just doesn't wanna. This book takes the reader from California to Scotland, but don't worry. The plot is totally American i.e. the hero has medical debt despite the existence of NHS. (JUST GO WITH IT. I PROMISE IT PAYS OFF.) Victoria is a kick ass heroine who gives the hero a blank stare for all his emo. Even though he is grouchy, he can be a charming bastard. And a dirty one. There's a castle, an older Baird who likes to play matchmaker for his laddies, and this time I switch things up with a shitty da. Not father because hey Scot.

KILT TEASE: Here we have the special edition of UNDER THE KILT series. It's not as dirty or angsty, but it has Kate, never to be called Kitten. By the end of the first chapter you will completely understand why I say this book has Kate and that's all you need to know to buy it. And there's Quinton, Callan's younger brother, a former rugby player who is cocky and knows it. He likes his privacy, his money and he's wary of relationships. BUT he needs a temporary girlfriend for reasons. (JUST GO WITH IT. I PROMISE IT PAYS OFF.) Lastly, I finally have a Scotsmen in this series wear a kilt. SPOILER.

That's the recap. Consider yourself prepared for Marcus Baird aka the charming bastard. I'm letting a Baird near a virgin. Mwahahahaha. I had so much fun writing this book.

Again, TLDR: UNDER HIS KILT is free if you need to catch up. SCOT APPEAL will be out Feb. 11th. (Buy links for the entire series here.

Info about SCOT APPEAL below:
Marcus Baird has been called a lot of things: Scottish bastard, heartless, ruthless, but thanks to his new neighbor, he could add ginger buff guy. The ruthless part is true, at least. His current occupation as a handyman is a front to fuel a bidding war between his former employer and the next private equity firm in his sights—an undertaking that should have all his attention, but Ivy makes him an offer he cannot refuse.

When Ivy Stewart imagined losing her virginity, she was at least a decade younger, a yes away from marriage, and her perfect man would make sweet, slow love to her. Waiting for that dream to unfold has kept her watching life from the sidelines. She's done biding her time. It's foolhardy to choose Marcus. He's a man with secrets and an ugly past, but he's honest about what their relationship will be, charming and...he's very good with his hands.

Since Marcus took Ivy into his bed, he's lived a lie. He could be the man she needs. He isn't a workaholic and he doesn't really have a heart of stone. But it's only a matter of time before Ivy finds out the truth, and once again he's nothing but a Scottish bastard.

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