Monday, November 16, 2015

PSA: Retiring Titles

I published WEEKEND LOVER in 2012. That book was a fluke. As a writer I was stretching my wings and trying out new genres and erotic romance was definitely outside my comfort zone. I wrote sweet-ish romances, I thought. I would write sweet-ish romances until the day I die.

Then came along UNDER HIS KILT and that changed the course of my writing career. The past three years have been awesome and crazy. But after writing TWICE SHY, I had to admit I no longer write sweet-ish romances. And bless anyone who goes from DOUBLE TROUBLE to UNDER HIS KILT. Or a reader tries out DOUBLE TROUBLE after loving KILTED FOR PLEASURE.

Though I may be the common factor, these stories don't live in the same genre. When someone looks at my backlist, I don't want any confusion. This will only get worse as I add to my #dirtysexygeek series. So I'm retiring a couple of titles from the Melissa Blue name.

Don't freak out though. Many of these titles will be re-published under a new author name and I won't keep it a secret--PROMISE. This process will be long, but know that by 2016, you will no longer be able to purchase these titles under the Melissa Blue name.

Here's a list of titles that will be retired:

Sugar Plum Kisses
Everything You Need
Everything He Dreamed
Double Dare
Twice Smitten
Double Trouble
See Megan Run
See Lynne Chased
The One I Want

All right. Any questions don't be afraid to ask me. I don't bite unless you ask.

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