Wednesday, June 17, 2015

' Cause Kate

There's something about every heroine I write that I love. At this point I've written over twenty heroines. All different, though they might share my love of banter.

Joce from UNDER HIS KILT has this soft vulnerability but a craving for adventure. Keri from HER INSATIABLE SCOT has an awkward, geekiness that's just my soft spot. Victoria from KILTED FOR PLEASURE has a drive that I just admire.

But bubbly, sassy and meddlesome. She's the kind of person that even if you only met her once, you'd never forget her. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt when she first meets, but don't take that to mean she likes everyone she meets. She's not that much of a sweetheart.

Did I mention sassy?

She said, “You pay the bills, so I’ll call you whatever you like.”Technically, Victoria’s paying you.”Then you’re my—” Saying patient wouldn’t help things. With someone this stubborn, she had to win him over or the next few weeks would hurt—the both of them.Kate added with care, “I’m your companion. You want to drink, you can have one. Smoke—light ’em up. Plan to beat the record at the local eat-and-gab and chow down a sixty-nine-ounce steak, I’ll tip the waitress. I won’t provide any lectures.”His brows rose in disbelief. Kate ignored that. She was only halfway through the speech that won her as many jobs as it lost her. “If you keel over, I will provide CPR. I will stick your nitrogen tablet under your tongue. When you’re fine, I will mutter an I-told-you-so under my breath. CPR takes a lot out of me, and it makes me cranky, so… I’m not perfect. I just wanted you to know that about me up front.”His lips started to twitch in a smile, and Kate knew she had him. She put out her hand. “Katherine Campbell, but you can call me Kate.”He growled at her. “I’ll call you Kitten and spray you with water when you get smart.”Her stomach clenched for a moment at the nickname. “I charge extra for that.”

Yeah. So, if I had to pick a favorite heroine of mine, Kate would be at the top.
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Kate Campbell promised to have an affair with a Parisian, says yes more than she says no and sin so she can actually have something to repent on Sunday. As a way to honor her grandmother's wishes, she takes a job as a traveling nurse so that she can see Europe—a trip they had once planned on taking together. She never bargained on meeting a sexy Scot who makes bad look so, so good, and he needs her help.
Quinton Baird, a retired, high-profile rugby player, has spent over a decade surrounded by people who all want something from him. From his former coaches to the groupies. He now has two rules for anyone he deals with: Don't talk to the press. Don't talk about him to anyone. Ever. His rules are the only way to protect himself from people wanting him to be their meal ticket. No matter how much he likes the sweet, sassy nurse, he can't believe she'll help him while asking for nothing in return.
The deal between them is simple. All Kate has to do is pose as Quinton’s girlfriend in public. In exchange for helping him salvage an important business deal, Kate gets many opportunities to say yes—in bed and out of it.
Then reality, and the press, threaten their fictional romance. Quinton will have to trust that Kate's feeling for him are genuine or risk losing her for good.

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