Saturday, September 20, 2014

Flirting With A New Release

A new release, baby! Yes. I know it's from another name but I still smell as snarky. Here are the deets.

All was right in Peyton Tanner's world until trouble walked into her bar, the Grog Monster, and his name was Tate Briggs.

For the past ten years Peyton's managed to live her life scandal-free. A feat considering her father's the mayor, in a very small town. Staying under the radar is a priority when her every action is reported like the hottest news. And Peyton knows how fast that grapevine can turn on her. So no matter how delicious and forbidden Tate can be, she's not willing to turn her world into gossip central, again, for lust.

Tate Briggs learned a long time ago to want what you want and not apologize for it, and he wants Peyton. He can understand her trepidation. Small towns are only kind to their local sweethearts when she's agreeable and perfect, but at some point Peyton's got to live for herself. But his patience is tested when she insists their affair must remain a secret. It goes against everything he believes in.

When their relationship becomes more than a sexual affair, Peyton will have to decide between her beloved small town or the man she loves.

Promotional price: $1.85
Coupon Code: VJ54M
Expires: September 23, 2014

Sunday, September 07, 2014

A Decade of Snark

No one is more shocked than I that I've lasted this long. And to be honest I didn't do this on my own. So I just want to say thank you. To every critique partner, beta reader, writing forum and every author I've met. You have made this an incredible journey I could not have fathomed when I started at 19.

But most of you are here for a giveaway. Here's a purty graphic to see some of the prizes up for grabs and below it will be the rafflecopter link.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, September 05, 2014

It's A Contest, Baby

I figured 10 years of writing required some kind of celebration. So I wrangled a few people I know and asked them donate to this cause. So what does that mean? A MASSIVE GIVEAWAY. Starting September 7th I'll have a rafflecopter up so you can enter to win. Go ahead and take a gander at some of the authors and prizes.

Melissa Blue

And after this list...There's still more. So check back. There will be pretty graphics and a Rafflecopter and a giveaway, giveaway, giveaway. *sorry couldn't help myself.*