Saturday, December 28, 2013

Double Trouble: Out Now

It's out! (Finally!!!) I really hope y'all enjoy Sasha and Warren. Anyway, happy reading!

Sasha McCormick, part-time artist and full-time art professor, has decided to mend her flighty, commitment-adverse ways. She's already taken on a mortgage that forces her to pick up as many side jobs she can. When her well of contacts dries up, she may have to resort to something desperate. Or boring. Whichever pays better.

Warren Tennison isn't fond of anything that's not nailed down with logic. Raised by a troupe rather than a family, he comes by his bias honestly. He does his best to avoid Sasha's type—unreliable, emotionally unstable, selfish—because they're nothing but ten pounds of drama in a five pound bag. Unfortunately, he needs help with some art research for the book he's writing. He's over deadline and out of time, so hiring Sasha to be his on-call muse is his best bet.

Sasha knows Warren should be Mr. Perfect: steady and smart, but unfortunately also sexy as sin. Being around him makes her forget that she's determined to be a staid, responsible woman from now on. The passion is insanely explosive, and makes them both do reckless things that only proves they're doomed to keep falling for the Wrong One.

He can't find a logical way to justify his behavior, and she can't see beyond her wild past that keeps getting in her way. They both know this can only end in angst-riddled tragedy. All they want is a nice, normal romance, but lust keeps waylaying their road to reform.

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Sasha's gaze, once again, sought out Warren. His lips were moving as he focused on the laptop. Lost in his own world, he hadn't noticed it'd taken much longer than necessary to order their pastries. Warren needed a keeper. It had taken him five minutes to find his keys—they had been in his pocket. The way he had patted his laptop bag and then his jeans until he found them had been cute.

No matter how many times Sasha gazed at him, he wouldn't suddenly turn into a man ruled by passion. Hell, he didn't even believe in fate, and fate couldn't have handed her someone more perfect.

Resolute, she paid for their desserts and slid into the booth. He didn't glance up. Sasha placed the box with his pastry and a fork in his line of sight and then dug into her croissant.

What'd you get me?” He continued to type.

Oh, um,” Sasha said, caught off guard.

Her tongue flicked out to catch the stray crust of the croissant. Warren looked up at the same time. She had no intentions in making the motion provocative, but the way his nostrils flared and how those damnable irises became richer, darker and more decadent than the chocolate drizzled over her croissant proved intent didn't matter.

His gaze narrowed, and she felt wanton. Heat prickled along Sasha's skin, and she had the sudden urge to lick the corner of her mouth again just to see what he'd do next.

His eyes lighted with a sudden awareness she hadn't known he could possess. “Must be delicious.” His voice had deepened.

She tried to remember how adorably geeky he was, but simply couldn't recall any examples of him being cute, or nice. The man who continued to hold her gaze in challenge didn't need a keeper. He needed his shirt ripped off so she could lick him. This man looked like he wouldn't whisper sweet nothings in her ear, but dirty ones that would make her wet. Her reaction started setting off alarm bells because this feeling she knew.

Strawberry tart,” she eked out a dry throat.

She won the staring contest by default when he opened the box and picked up the fork. He closed his eyes and hummed after the first bite. “I see the appeal.” The corner of his mouth twitched.

She got her heartbeat under control with the next breath. The look had been a fluke. He was adorable, borderline friend-zone material. That heated reaction had everything to do with her overactive imagination.

If that's your reaction, I must have made a poor choice.” Still, her voice sounded husky.
He sampled another bite, eyes closed, and it wasn't wrong to detail his features in her mind. Strawberry syrup glazed his bottom lip and he scraped his teeth over the lush flesh. He tilted his head and his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed.

She wanted to nip at the masculine skin, swipe her tongue over it to see if he would make the same humming noise as he did now.

Second thoughts?” she asked. 'Cause boy, she was having some about him being the perfect guy to not tempt her.

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