Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's To Come

I'm sure you're all waiting for Double Trouble. It's Sasha's story. The final book in the Modern Fairy Tale series. Well...that's going to be a while. Not too long, but longer than y'all like. But I promise it's coming sometime this year. Until then I'll have two other releases. First up...

(Slated for a June 1st release date.)

After a lifetime of dating too many Mr. Nice Guys, Penelope Copeland is ready to shed her good girl persona. She's looking for a little adventure, with a sprinkle of fun and whole lot of naughty. Unfortunately, most bad boys won’t give her the time of day. They only see her as a sweet kindergarten teacher. Now, all she has to do is convince Ryan Pollard, her self-proclaimed bad-boy neighbor that she's not as sweet as she looks.
Ryan Pollard is not one to follow conventional rules. His job as a crime reporter doesn't leave him with much use for them. Yet, he's managed to keep his relationship with Penelope platonic with just a hint of flirtation—until tonight. She says she wants an adventure, a walk on the dark side, and he's more than eager to give her one.
When their adventure takes a turn from playful to serious, Ryan and Penelope must choose between pretending the night never happened or embarking on the greatest adventure of all—love.

Rough, rough blurb:

(Slated for a July release.)

Farrah Kane comes home to work for her best friend, Micah Stamps, as a favor. For the next three months she'll be his fund-raising coordinator and his roommate. It doesn't take long for the home sickness to wear off and for Farrah to realize she's made a mistake. The year away in New York has not cooled down the simmering attraction between them. Doesn't matter. She plans to ignore the undercurrents, because they're friends and nothing can change that. There's only one obstacle to her plan--Micah.There's no getting around the fact Micah Stamps' best friend makes his blood run hot. Maybe he missed Farrah a little too much while she was in New York, but that's a non-issue. They've changed and they'll roll with it just like always. If only she'd stop being so stubborn about keeping things platonic between them. There's one simple solution to her hesitance: he sets out to seduce her. He doesn't see any pitfalls in this plan. They'll spend their days working and their nights sweating. The best of both worlds.Work brings out all the differences in who they are and drags them to the forefront. Their hearts get in the way of their their well-laid plans. Now, they have to figure out if it's possible to be still friends now that they've become lovers.

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