Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just A Normal Writerly Day On Facebook

Lately things have been crazy. Haven't had time to do a real post so this place looks like promo-central blew up and scattered its remains all over my blog. So, this is a slighted edited transcript of the craziness that goes down on my Facebook page.

I've edited the hell out of this so that it actually fits in one blog post. Maybe, one day, I'll show you the rest. So, this is where we are semi-focused on the task, but we're writers. All things devolve at some point.

The FB Status That Started It All:

Sidenote: I need blog material. Calling all writers to tell me Shit Your Characters Say. Jennifer McKenzie/Jennifer Leeland, and T. Sue VerSteeg report for duty. And by duty I mean trouble making.

T. Sue VerSteeg: To me or what I actually allow them to say in my books?

Melissa Blue: Oh, of course what they say to you. What ends up in the books are not trouble-making.

Melissa Blue: Unless, they're Jennifer Leeland characters. They have no filter.

T. Sue VerSteeg: Jennifer Leeland has no filter. It's one of the many reasons I lubs her so very much!

Jennifer McKenzie: LOL! What the hell is a filter?

Jennifer McKenzie: Okay okay. Shit my characters say. 1. But I want to have sex noooooooooooow!!!"

Melissa Blue: Believe it or not, she (Jennifer Mckenzie) does (have a filter.) Trust me, we have phone conversations.

Jennifer McKenzie: 2. No, it totally happened like that. All the other characters and the theory of relativity is full of shit.

Melissa Blue: 3. I know. I know. We just had a sex scene, but we haven't tried this yet.

Melissa Blue: 4. I don't have a deep, dark past. I'm peachy fucking keen.

Jennifer McKenzie: 5. Swearsies! This will work! You just have to rewrite the whole fucking book!!!

Jennifer McKenzie: 6. I'm a short story. Honest!

Melissa Blue: No. No. Jen. Number 5 happens when you find out the truth.

Melissa Blue: 7. Wrong heroine/hero.

Jennifer McKenzie: 8. What's wrong with her? She's boring! Don't you have anyone who's a little more.....damaged?

Melissa Blue: 9. We're going to have sex right now even though it's totally inconvenient and it might break my character. I'm sure you can make it work.

T. Sue VerSteeg: 10. I'll behave if you just write my story right now. Liars. All of them.

Jennifer McKenzie: 11. Of course we can have sex when we're in mortal danger! What do you mean?

Melissa Blue: 12. I'm just a secondary character. I won't want my own story. Swears.

Jennifer McKenzie: 13. I have a name but I'm not telling you.

Jennifer McKenzie: 14. I'm not a dirty story. Not at all.

Melissa Blue: 15. I'll never love again.

Melissa Blue: 16. This is the fourteenth scene with us around the kitchen just talking. That's not boring at all.

* To Be Continued...Maybe. One day. This is what writers talk about when readers aren't watching.  

To find out more about T. Sue Versteeg you can click here. To find out more about Jennifer Leeland/The Real and First Jennifer Mckenzie you can click here.


Jennifer Leeland said...

LMAO!!!!!! I'm the real Shady damnit!!!
I love it.

Melissa Blue said...

Snort. Thought you'd get a kick out of that.