Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Everything He Dreamed: Live (Somewhat)

It's out...technically. Will update links as they roll in....
Phoenix Taylor takes one look at Tony Creed and knows she's in trouble. Everything inside her screams run. If she didn't need the finishing bonus from Everything You Need, she'd listen to her gut. The company has hired her as project manager to build cabins on Palmer Island and work with Creed Construction. Tony's the general contractor and there's no way to avoid him. Just when she has a plan to move on and close the door on a very dark chapter in her life...there he is. Falling for the contractor with the wicked smile and infectious charm doesn't fit into her plan. She's not ready for that captivating emerald gaze or the trouble Tony can surely cause her heart.
Tony Creed has forced his father to draw up a contract that explicitly states this will be his very last job before going on a much needed vacation from the family business. The pressure's getting to him, and he feels himself turning into his father, a hard and heartless man. He just needs a break, period. He doesn't have the time or energy to give this simmering attraction between him and the new project manager. All he wants to do is focus on building the cabins for the next six months and be a free man. After all, he's not looking for anything, but her vivacious personality has his mind wandering back to her much more than he wants to admit.
They just have to keep things light, which is hard at first, and then just impossible when something just a little supernatural intervenes on their well-laid plans.

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