Monday, April 09, 2012

Me and Mr. Adobe Got Caught

Long ago I met Mr. Adobe. We had a thing going on. He read my books to me so I could get a feel for my story. Plus, I'd be able to find all the typos and clunky sentences I missed. This is how it all started:

We met, indirectly, when I decided to read See Megan Run one last time. But it was Mrs. Adobe. She was nice. She had trouble with a few words. She served a purpose but...her reading to me didn't have the same zing.

Then I met Mr. Adobe. At first he creeped me the hell out. And then he read one of my jokes and it was still funny. He's been reading to me for the past two days. I'm in lurve. Yes, this story has been edited by an outside source, but I'm still finding things I want to change.
Thanks to Mr. Adobe, all my clunky sentences are being put under a microscope. Yes, it was creepy again when he read my love scene, but that's okay. He's pointed out all the "a" and "the" I've forgot to put in. He's even shed light on a sentence I accidentally deleted. I couldn't do this last read through without him.
Lurve, I tell ya. Lurve.

 I don't know how Mrs. Adobe found us out. But now she's reading See Lynne Chased. She's a professional though, so all my jokes still sound funny. All my clunky sentences are still pointed out. Maybe with a little more glee than necessary. But, when I went in search of Mr. Adobe he was no where to be found. I'll miss the way he'd say, "Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk." It always made me laugh.

But I'll move on, because I still have 200+ pages to get through before I can send it off to my line editor.